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10:00. fox 5 on top of the big stories tonight. a talented but troubled singer silenced for ever. amy winehouse found dead at home. the entertainment world mourns as details emerge about the investigation. the psychiatrist murdered in northern virginia and police say a patient pulled the trigger. left with no ac in the middle of our heat wave. residents of a dc apartment complex say despite complaints, they had to sweat it out the last few days. a lot to get through tonight, but we're going to start off with the extreme heat. thanks for joining us at 10:00, i'm lee thomas. we are wrapping up another record setting day of triple digit temperatures. and right now, we are still hovering around the 90-degree mark. fox 5 is in the weather center. ken, we are all on the same
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page on this one, hoping the heat wave is behind us now. >> i think we are. we are not quite out of the clear. now we will get a little bit cooler, but just relatively speaking and i'm only speaking a few degrees. but we still have the heat indexes to deal with because the humidity isn't going anywhere. so let's take a look at where we hit today. it was a record breaking today. we hit 102 at the national airport. breaking a record of 101 set back in 1991. at baltimore and at dulles we tied records. both of those set back in 1991 hitting 99 degrees at dulles and 102 degrees at baltimore. and i want to tell you that you know yesterday the temperatures were even higher than this. so it goes to show you where we are at in terms of all of this heat around the area. it is still very warm out there right now. it's 09 degrees at national airport this hour, but take a look at the heat in dc. it feels like it's 98. i'll have more details on what
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we can expect. as i said, cooler, but only relatively speaking. will. in heat like this, the only relief you're going to find is inside with a little ac. but some people living in a dc senior citizen complex complained the ac just isn't working. fox 5 is live in northwest with more details. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, will. seniors are the most vulnerable during this heat wave and they are often the least likely to call for help. today we got calls from relatives of those seniors worried about their well being. the senior citizen complex is on m street in southeast and a sign on the outside says it's a designated cooling center. relatives told fox 5 some of the apartments were sizzling. we found the temperature cool when we walked into the lobby, but we couldn't get access to the upper floors even accompanied by relatives. >> it's not working still.
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>> woods stopped by to check on his 78-year-old mother on the 5th floor. he says she has had trouble with her ac since thursday. >> when i popped up in here this morning, you know, there were people in the lobby and over there trying to cool down because this is the coolest part of the building. as you go up, the further you go up in the building, the warmer it gets. people in here that are up in age and not in the best of health. >> this resident didn't want to tell us his name but he confirmed there is a problem with the air-conditioning. >> it is on, but not producing. yesterday they passed out fans and stuff, but it's still hot. the fan is only throwing around hot air. and we just have to wait and do what they have to do. >> a representative with the housing authority says the ac was turned off in the building for a couple hours on thursday night for routine maintenance, but it was turned right back
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on. agency workers had gone in on saturday afternoon and found the temperature 80 degrees in the upper floor hallways, but in the mid 60s in the two apartments they checked on. councilman marion barry said he would look into it. >> that's terrible. you know, seniors, i'm a senior, need more coolness and more water than anybody else. our bodies aren't made that way. >> on one of the hottest days we have seen in a while, they are hoping someone will get to the bottom of it. >> if anybody aught to have that, we aught to have air. >> now representative for the housing authority told me tonight that they had only gotten two reports, or two complaints from that building in the past two days and they really can't fix what they don't know about. so they are asking us to help you. if you have a problem in any of the buildings or if you are a senior citizen to call. the number to call is 202-535- 1000.
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we're told that's 24 hour line and somebody will get help to you. will. >> live in northwest tonight, thank you. metro wants you to stay hydrated during our extreme heat. so making an exception to the no food or drink rule on buss and trains. right now you're allowed to bring one bottle of water and drink it while you're riding. that lasts through sunday night at closing. it is also dealing with the heat by deploying three dozen maintenance techs to respond to reports of hot cars. new developments in the murder of a psychiatrist. dr. mark lawrence was killed at his home friday. investigators say he was shot by a patient. barbra newman who turned the gun on herself. fox 5's audrey barnes is in the newsroom tonight following the investigation. audrey. >> reporter: will, barbra newman was one of the cofounders of a cohousing community of 19 homes in vienna called blueberry hill. their website describes it as a neighborhood that thrives on
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old fashion values and community. needless to say, newman's neighbors are shocked at the violent crime she's accused of. shooting and killing her psychiatrist, dr. mark lawrence. >> she was very friendly. >> my son helped her put book shelves together. she was involved in the community. she was a valued member of the community. so it's just very shocking that apparently there was something else going on that we didn't know about. >> dr. lawrence lived at his home with his wife who was not hurt. newman lived by herself in blueberry hill and leaves behind a sister in new york. coming up tonight at 11:00, we sit down with a local psychiatrist to talk about dangers of the job and get her take on how this relationship ended in murder. will. >> audrey, thank you. a maryland state trooper is recovering after a bizarre attack on the beltway. a call came in for a report of
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a crash near the wilson bridge. trooper showed up and police say a man approached his car stabbed him through the window. police identified the suspect as james howard of hyattsville and say he is actually the one who called to report the crash. a day of heart wrenching grief in norway as the nation copes with two deadly terror attacks. 92 victims are dead. most of them young people at a summer camp. one man is accused of setting off a bomb, then opening fire at the summer camp. now police are working to find out if he acted alone. fox's greg burke has our story tonight. >> police describe the man in norway's twin terror attacks as a member of a right wing extremist group. 32-year-old was arrested at the horrific shooting scene friday. >> he shot to kill.
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i see the picture in my head when people are falling because they are getting shot while trying to escape. >> he was firing at young people for an hour and a half at a sumper camp. >> the police talked to him and told him to lay down the weapon and he did that and then he ran. >> he said on his twitter page, quote, one person with a belief is equal to the force of 100,000 who have only interests. his lawyer talking to the media saying his client believes the actions were quote, atrocious, but necessary. in this youtube video promoting a fight against islam, apparently shows him pointing an automatic weapon. police saying the gunman once belonged to the youth group of a fore right party. the shooting spree came hours after a powerful bomb ripped through a government building
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in the country's capital, oslo. it was made of fertilizer and diesel fuel. earlier saturday, police searched a farm he rented. >> it is a farm, we found an amount of 5,000 kilos of powder used to make smoke. >> the whole country is mourning the loss of nearly 100 lives. norway's royal family is also attending a vigil meeting with the victim's families. police say he has not said whether he was acting alone and investigators are reportedly looking into the possibility of a second shooting suspect. he is expected to appear in court on monday. in oslo, norway, greg burke, fox news. a former chairman of the democratic national committee and u.s. ambassador has died. he was 75 years old. he died in richmond yesterday of complications from a stroke. he was chairman from 1981 to
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1985 and served as co-chairman for bill clinton's presidential campaign. he was ambassador to the anyone can republic from 1999 to 2001. he also cofounded the law firm. another death has shaken the entertainment world. the talented but troubled singer, amy winehouse found dead in her apartment. new details are emerging from the investigation. the end of the nfl lockout could go downright here in the district. find out when the skins could start training camp. keep it right here. we're going to speak live to sarah fraisher from hot 99.5 about winehouse's death as the news continues right here on fox 5.
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♪[ music ] ♪ her biggest hit and a sad reminder of her troubled life and battles with addiction. amy winehouse did go to rehab
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repeatedly, but it wasn't enough to keep her alive. london authorities found amy winehouse dead in her home this afternoon in london. she was just 27 years old. alcohol and drugs as you know began to consume her life and became well documented in press and on the stage. tonight we're going in depth with reaction in the live interview. but fox's casey seagal begins our coverage tonight. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> she rose to fame with her sophomore album, back to black. british singer, amy winehouse was one of the more acclaimed artists of the past decade. selling millions of albums winning five grammy awards and kicking off the british trend of retro soul and r and b. but at the young age of 27, she was found dead saturday afternoon in her london apartment. >> i'm aware of reports suggesting the result of a drug
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overdose. but i would like to reemphasize that no examination has taken place and it will be inappropriate to speculate on the cause of death. >> from the moment she arrived on the pop scene, she had an image that was self- destructive. her wide range of addiction spanning from chain smoking to crack cocaine threatened to overshadow her music career. ♪ [ music ] ♪ for many, her song, rehab, sums up her public persona. winehouse's friends taking to twitter after news broke of her death. katy perry said rip amy winehouse, and usher writing, i'm so sad to hear the horrible news of amy winehouse's death. i'm so happy i knew you, amy. rest well, gone too soon, we'll miss you. those close to winehouse said she appeared to be in good health, but had to cancel a recent european comeback tour
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after an erratic performance where she appeared too intoxicated to perform properly. an autopsy is scheduled for sunday. amy winehouse dead at the age of 27. fox news. let's bring in sarah fraisher from the show on hot 99.5. sarah, good to have you with us. >> hi will. >> certainly a sad day in the entertainment world. i want to emphasize and we heard from authorities, we don't know the exact cause of death. i think we can all agree, great art often comes from pain. >> i think too, they were saying in recent weeks she looked better, which is funny because a lot of the news were reporting that. just a couple weeks ago was saying she looked healthier than ever and i think it was interesting on twitter. people were not that shocked. they were talking about it today. but i'm always shocked because i think you always think that they are going to pull through. you know, that things are going
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to get better and that maybe she was improving. >> she just started a european leg of her tour, as we have been hearing, and she was booed off stage. it was a sign rather recently that things weren't going so well. >> i think you're right. huge indication. so that was a little over a month ago and it was anyone who seen the youtube video it has been all over. absolutely a mess. >> so lots of twitter followers, facebook, the general consensus is, they are not so surprised. >> not so surprised. it is so tragic. she never got the help she needed and her parents, her father has been so vocal of getting help for her over the past couple years and it never happened. >> if you listen to the show as many morning shows are, there's a lot of comedy it's a will the of fun. how quickly can you actually go to this topic and have some fun with it? what is kaine going to do? >> i think kaine will stay
10:18 pm
away from it because kaine is very wise. but you know, i think what is awful with a person like amy is that her life has been such kind of a joke. it's like a charlie sheen effect. i don't think -- >> she's always been the butt of jokes. now i wonder if people will take a break. >> i don't think they will. i think people unfortunately like amy and charlie and lindsay lohan are immediate fire. and it is awful. but i think people just are so dissensitized to their behavior. i think it's a green light. >> as we often hear from comedians they try to find the comedy in tragic situations and we come to appreciate that. sarah fraisher, we appreciate you coming in. the kaine show starts monday morning at 5:30. again, thanks for coming. let's move on to some of the reaction that we're seeing. celebrities are talking about the shock of losing amy winehouse. josh groban tweeted drugs took her gift, her sight, her light,
10:19 pm
long before they took her life. rest in peace, amy. kelly osbourne a friend of winehouse's responded i am crying so hard, i lost one of my best friends. i will never forget the real you. and from good charlotte singer, joel madden. rip amy, your voice will live for ever. amy winehouse is now a member of what's being called the 27 club. a long list of talented performers who died years before their time. at 27 years old. the biggest names include brian jones of the rolling stones. also jimmy hendricks, jim morrison, all died within a few months of each other and curt cobane was also 27 when he killed himself back in 1994. it seems like the nfl lockout story is just never ending, but now there may be a light at the end of the tunnel and it could all go downright here in washington next week. fox 5's lindsey murphy joins us
10:20 pm
live with an update. lindsey, this is a story you can't seem to shake. >> talk about a roller coaster week we've had. here we thought thursday was a di of progress and we had a setback yesterday, only to find out today more progress has been made. nfl owners and players have tentatively agreed the 11 members of the player's executive committee will vote monday here in d.c. and vote to recommend to accept the collective bargaining agreement. after the players committee votes, then the 32 players reps must recommend the cva and recertifying to the players themselves. if all goes well monday, players would begin reporting to training camps as early as wednesday to physically vote on whether to recertify and bring that union back together. the hope is that it will get done by friday at the earliest. now will, if they vote to recertify the union, free agency could start a week from today, next saturday. of course the one uncertainty is when undrafted free agents would be able to sign.
10:21 pm
this is a lot to digest. progress has been made and we could have football sometime next week. >> digest, i was taking notes for later. >> get a typewriter and a couple pens, you're going to need it. >> a typewriter? what era are you from? >> get your blackberry. >> my ibm select. >> i'm a little tired. >> thanks. in the debt debate, another big story making headlines. the president summoned congressional leaders to the white house. the meeting ended just after one hour without any major breakthroughs. both sides claim they are working hard to reach an agreement by the august 2 deadline to prevent the nation from economic catastrophe. john boehner says he expects a plan to be on the floor of the house by wednesday. but it will be the senate and house leaders who make that plan and not the president. >> an incredible sight in northern virginia today. more than 8,000 federal and confederate soldiers facing off 150 years after the first major
10:22 pm
battle of the civil war. the reenactors talk about the experience and dealing with this. that's coming up next. another sex scandal brewing on capitol hill. this one involves this congressman and a girl barely out of high school. details are coming up.
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recreating what's the moment to change america 150 years ago. july 21, 1861, is the day union and confederate troops faced each other in the first major land battle of the civil war. today people from all over the u.s. came to prince william county to relive this significant day in history. paul rafael has a closer look tonight. federal and confederate soldiers went to war today to mark the 150th anniversary of the first battle of manassas
10:26 pm
bull run. over 8500 reenactors recreated the first major battle of the civil war. >> it's not like reading a boring history book. it shows people exactly how these people fought these battles. which defined america. these men dress up in uniform. they aren't just having fun shooting guns. they are honoring our ancestors and preserving our shared american heritage. >> cannons, calvary, and soldiers fought in gainesville, virginia, about three miles from manassas battlefield park. for the people who participated it, the experience was authentic as it gets. >> the smell of the gun powder, the constant jams you have with rifles in trying to work those free. just like in real world, commander want you over here and want you back here. so we do a lot of running and
10:27 pm
it gets hectic. >> a lot of stuff that you can only experience when you are there. the sounds, the smoke, and your eyes burns your eyes. pops your ears. you are sweating like crazy. it's really the only way to experience some of the appreciation of what those soldiers went through. >> they wore authentic uniforms just like they did in 1861. it was just as hot on the day of the real battle. not only was dodging bullets a concern for the soldier, but dodging the sun was also important for both the reenactors and 11000 who came to see the battle. >> what we are feeling as you watch? >> i was hot. it was nice to have a break and stand in the shade a little bit. >> it is hot, the thing that most people would say. as the day comes to an end, the sun sat over the empty battle. unlike the battle that occurred
10:28 pm
150 years ago, this time all the soldiers lived to fight another day. in gainesville, virginia, paul rafael, fox 5 news. prince william county fire and rescue says nearly 150 people were evaluated today. mostly for heat related illnesses. 11 people were taken to the hospital. still ahead here on the 10. a dc councilman facing more fire from his peers tonight. we're breaking down the calls for his resignation and what this means for the city. plus, another congressional sex scandal. a lawmaker accused of sexual misconduct with a teenager. we're back in 3.
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and pure honey. because natural is not only good it also tastes good. nature valley -- 100% natural. 100% delicious. you've been watching fox 5 news at 10:00. more drama for the d.c.
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council. a second council member is calling for the resignation of harry thomas jr. issued a statement this morning joining david in his call for thomas to step down. thomas on friday agreed to settle a civil suit with the district by paying back $300,000 in district money. he is accused of spending the city's grants and charitable contributions on a luxury suv and vacations instead of youth activities for which the money was supposed to be earmarked. wtop political analyst is here tonight. mark, good to have you. >> thank you for inviting me, will. >> you bet. the legal battles are not over. there's a criminal investigation, right? >> that's absolutely right. that's more for him to worry about as i said last night. he retained -- the courts have abby who is a high profile criminal attorney and attorney general in the settlement did not in any way pull back even
10:33 pm
though they settled in terms of financial in saying that they were going to root out any of these transactions like this in the future and so it really didn't give a clean bill of health and also will, when he made the announcement. i was at the press conference, he said if he had the power, he would have charged him criminally. so this is a sort of situation -- his responsibility for the attorney general was to get back the money that thomas had fraudulently retained and that was done, there doesn't seem to be any remorse from mr. thomas and in a statement yesterday was really kind of mind boggling. >> some of the statements said that he didn't have to admit wrong doing and he didn't do anything wrong, but it sounds like he is at least trying to put some of this behind him. two council members are asking
10:34 pm
for him to resign. do you expect more to join? >> no. i would be astonished if others did, because look. this is the real political world. they trade votes, they are on different committees. this is not something they announce or publicize and i think some council members who probably want him gone feel that the ultimate responsibility, there are two avenues. one is recall. you can be recalled in the second and third year of the term, which is next year. nobody has ever been recalled. or you wait until 2014 when he is up for reelection. i don't expect the mayor or the council chair who have their own problems to be political allies of harry thomas jr. in the end, the only possible way in which he would resign is if he was humiliated, embarrassed, and in some way actually there was an on slot in ward 5 from his own constituent. >> i have 15 seconds left.
10:35 pm
quickly, any additional political ramifications for thomas? he already stepped down from his post as chairman of the committee on government operations. >> economic development. >> i think he is just going to be a council member that isn't going to have much clout and he better worry about his political future. >> all right. mark with wtop. good to have your insight tonight. >> thank you. new tonight at 10:00, allegations of sexual misconduct for congressman david woo from oregon. his accuser is the daughter of a long time friend and campaign donor. sources claiming that woo was expected to meet with congressional leaders over that issue today. fox's peter has more details. >> when someone checked the voice mail at democratic congressman david woo's oregon office, they heard an emotional office by a girl that graduated high school last year, saying the congressman involved her in an unwanted sexual encounter. all the congressman said so far
10:36 pm
is quote, this is very serious and i have no desire to bring unwanted publicity, attention, or stress to a young woman and her family. that is it. the newspaper also reporting that this young lady is the daughter of a long time woo friend and campaign donor and she didn't call the cops back in november when the incident allegedly occurred because there weren't any witnesses and she didn't think she would have enough evidence. woo has apparently admitted something sexual did happen, he says it was consensual. this is the not first time he had to do explaning about his extracurricular activities. this photo was sent to his staff. it shows the law school graduate dressed as a tiger. came in the mist of bizarre behavior. some staffers wanted him to enter a mental hospital. he refused. blamed all the weirdness on stress and exhaustion. accusations aren't necessarily new to woo.
10:37 pm
in 1976, he got in trouble to make a girl he used to date have sex with him. fox news. the daytime heat almost unbearable, but avoiding the sun's rays could also be potentially dangerous. what you need to know to keep you and your family healthy. that's coming your way next.
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well lindsey murphy hasn't had football to talk about, but labor negotiations. >> i am ready for football. i can't talk about labor and recertifying anymore. i want this deal to get done. >> it sounds like they are close. >> apparently we don't have those anymore. consider today a day of progress in the nfl labor talks. the nfl players association expected to meet monday in d.c. to recommend approval of the collective bargaining agreement and recertification of the union. now it is possible the league
10:41 pm
year could start on wednesday with players able to vote on recertifying and then training camp, get this, could open on friday. as always, stay tuned. on to baseball davey johnson's nationals playing in their 100th game looking to get back to .500. they would strike early. already up 1-0. look at jason worth, getting a double into center field. ryan zimmerman would score. mike moore can come on down. the nationals go up 3-0. they lead 3-1 in the second inning. >> brad and the orioles looking to bounce back after last night's loss to the angels. first inning with two out ferguson gets into trouble and that is vernon wells, his second home run in as many nights. and the angels have a 2-0 lead. but back come the birds. same score bottom four. adam jones shoots one to left, but this one stays fair. his 17th homer and a really good souvenir for that woman. the o's pulled within a run to
10:42 pm
the 5th. nick markakis slapped one to the infield. scores to tie it at 2. and then one batter later, the o's score on a sack fly. they beat the angels 3-2. dc yonted hosting ever son in a friendly competition tonight. the scoring would start early, fourth minute. everton plays ahead. chips it past bill. everton up 1-0 and lead 2-0 at the half. same score in the 47th minute. united looking for some offense and they get it from chris. a perfectly timed run. he buries a kick to get united on the forward, but that one goal not quite enough. d.c. falls 3-1 is the final. and coming up on nissan sports extra, we'll hear from chris cooley because they are talking about this nfl stuff and they want the language to be perfect and fair because it's a ten- year deal. it's a long time. >> possibly wednesday and then friday we might see? >> wednesday and friday. and monday is also a big day if they vote.
10:43 pm
>> thanks lindsey. >> coming up next on the 10 during this heat wave, we heard about the dangers getting too much sun. what if you don't get enough? the health risks you need to know about as we continue.
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doctors believe vitamin d is one of the most we need to fight off disease. tonight fox 5 breaks down the abc's of the big deep. >> boy is it hot and while many of us try to keep cool with big umbrellas and shaded trees, we may be hurting ourselves down the road. >> i tan red, so i tend to try to stay out of the sun for the most part. >> days outside are limited
10:47 pm
for greg, working as a financial planner. a recent physical shows he has low levels of vitamin d. >> to be honest, i didn't know what vitamin d was or did. >> we all have it. sunlight helps us absorb calcium and promotes bone growth. you might not be getting enough says tom sherman be georgetown university's department of physiology. >> many studies have revealed that show people who are consciously avoiding the sun are being found low in vitamin d. >> and that might impact your health more than you know. recent studies found vitamin d actually protected some cancers. >> the animals have -- they are clearly low. >> low vitamin d has also been
10:48 pm
linked to depression, diabetes, even obesity. >> it seems 30 minutes a week, directly exposed to the sunlight is enough. >> with skin cancer concerns, not everyone wants to soak up the rays. so what do you do? >> it's not found in many of the foods that we eat and it is certainly not found in the junk food that we eat. >> unlike many vitamins, you won't find the d kind in those colorful veggies. there are some things you should be putting in your shopping cart. first on the list, seafood. >> salmon, tuna, macrel, sardines, blue fish, anchovies, fish being fatty are going to be our best sources. >> those heavy metals should stick to smaller fish. next up, eggs. vitamin d is found only in the yolk. >> if you look on the label, it will say a good source of
10:49 pm
vitamin d, b12, e, that's because these chickens would have been supplemented. >> don't forget the dairy aisle, look for milk supplemented with d. >> 25% of the daily recommended intake. >> a simple blood test can tell if you are vitamin d deficient. most doctors will treat with supplements. >> a multivitamin will contain 400 units of vitamin d and that is probably a good minimum amount for many, many people. >> greg's doctor started him on weekly pills. he finds out next month if his levels improved. >> after i started taking the supplements, i noticed i had more energy. i didn't need quite so much caffeine. >> and he's trying to get outside more toward lunch to get some vitamin d the natural way. thompson, fox 5 news. well if you can stand the heat, there's plenty of vitamin d to be had these days.
10:50 pm
>> the sun can be dangerous, too. >> absolutely. i'm convinced most people are carrying two bottles of water. one to drink and one to go like this. >> the challenge to stay cool out there, when you look at the heat wave we've been experiencing, will, and the temperatures. the humidity, and just how uncomfortable it's been outside. so there's a nice shot outside right now, but it is muggy out there and it is still exceptionally warm this hour of the night. so we were talking with our weather headlines about record breaking highs that happen in the course of today. scattered thunderstorm chances as well in the forecast and not much relief ahead. a little bit, but not a lot. and we are also talking about the humidity sticking around. not going to get much of a break from the humidity as far as our conditions go either. it is definitely a dog heated summer. national airport hit 102 degrees today. breaking a record set back in 1991 of 101.
10:51 pm
dulles and baltimore tied records that were set back in 1991. so pretty good example of where we hit today if you really, really thought it was hot, you are absolutely right. it felt warmer because of the heat in dc. that's the same story we have been dealing with and that is the trend that is going to continue. 90 degrees this hour at national airport. 86 at gaithersburg. 87 at hagerstown. we have 90 at annapolis this hour and as we head up the mid atlantic, 84 in boston. and take a look at the heat in dc. this is what it feels like if you head outside. not a big difference here right now. but into the course of earlier today, it was a different ball game. we were into the triple digits. plus 105 or more. it's 90 degrees at national. humidity is at 57%. a light westerly wind flow is what we have. and as far as national temperatures are concerned, take a look. the heat just really impacting most of the country, especially from the midsection of the country to the east. this entire area has just been
10:52 pm
gridlocked into the heat wave with triple digit highs into the course of the day and the heat in dc as well on a national weather has been something to take a look at and speak about. look at this. it feels like it's 99 degrees in dallas this hour. 104 is the heat in indexes in st. louis. as i said, we're going to get a break, but not a huge break. hot and humid conditions for tomorrow once again. sunday from noon until 8:00 at night, we still have a excessive heat warning in effect and that is implying the heat factored in the with humidity and the heat advisory from noon until 8:00 tomorrow evening. satellite radar composite, we had storms that blew through the south earlier today. right now not a lot happening there. things could change into the course of tomorrow. frontal system moving its way to the south that set us up for scattered storms. could see one or two popping up before noon. majority into the course of the afternoon and evening hours. we'll have to watch that closely and keep our eyes to
10:53 pm
the score. so hazy, hot, and humid once again. we can't tell you enough. check on your elderly neighbors. please don't leave your pets in this heat. make sure they have plenty of water and check on your elderly neighbors. five-day forecast coming up and as you'll see, we're looking at temperatures into the lower 90s for a couple days. so a bit of a break, relatively speaking as i mentioned, storms begin on monday and we dry out again. another ridge of high pressure building in. >> a bit of a break, yo u have three h's in your forecast. what is it? > hazy, hot, and humid. looking for ways to save cash? hey, who isn't. this could be the secret to saving up to 30% on your car insurance. at least that's what the claim is. we're going to put this gadget to the test coming up next. and on the news edge at 11:00, this local psychiatrist murdered according to police by his own patients. what led to the violence?
10:54 pm
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a little gadget promises to save you up to 30% on your car insurance. but does it really work? fox's chris took the progressive challenge and here's what he found. >> we broke open the box, attached the transmitter to my car's computer port under the dash and then drove. for 30 days, progressive snapshot logged my daily drive. time, speed, distance, and how often i stomped the brake. it sent a report after each trip. online, policyholders instantly see charts and graphs. but that's all phone. >> just plug it in. >> progressive's heavily advertised promise of a discount is what really matters. up to 30% off. >> only thing it cares about is saving you money.
10:58 pm
>> following a month of commute, i got a 7% rate cut. apparently too many miles and too many hard brakes for a full 30% reduction. still, i would save $54 a year. enough cash to fill the tank in exchange for a little big brother. a tradeoff for some. >> i think every american driver is going to want this. no but i think a lot of drivers are interested in this. >> progressive says the device can only lower rates, not hike them. already a quarter million snapshots are on the road. all state, gmac and state farm are working on similar technology. because the transmitter improves the way insurers gauge driver risk. >> the way it works now with insurance companies is they ask you how many miles you drive. some people over estimate. some people under estimate. >> for example, steve cordilla. >> so far i'm saving money. >> he seldomly drives this jeep, but was paying a full premium, not anymore. after popping in a snapshot,
10:59 pm
progressive confirmed they usually park, so it slashed its policy $100 yearly. technology on the ball, but out of sight. >> you can see it, but you don't know that it's there. >> my experience was, of course, different. my snapshot beeped, a lot. once when i got going plus each sudden brake. turns out it is instant feedback by design. >> you get a report card. >> when i shut off the motor, snapshot makes a musical judgment, an upbeat chime for a good drive or a noticeably different tune for a bad one. i give it a green light with the exception of what it does at yellow lights. often i was penalized for stopping short when my alternative was much riskier, running the red. it was like having a spouse in the car. in time, i was tailoring my driving

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